Crochet nappy cover for environmental sustainability

As a parent, do you ever worry about the planet that your children will grow up to inherit? With pollution and waste filling the planet, environmental concerns can be a big concern for parents. One thing you can do to protect the environment is to use products that are made from natural materials. Most nappy covers are made from plastic, which comes from oil that will one day run out. In addition, not all types of plastic are recyclable, which means that plastic products can contribute to the problem of landfill. An environmental alternative to plastic nappy covers is a crochet nappy cover. Made from natural wool, a crochet nappy cover is a sustainable product that contains purely natural materials. It’s soft to the touch and looks beautiful, bringing a little brightness into even the most mundane day. Best of all, this kind of nappy cover is easy to make yourself at home. It’s better for you, better for your baby, and better for the planet, so why not give this natural alternative to plastic nappy covers a try?

A crochet nappy cover can protect the planet for your baby

Crocheting with ribbons – Ladder ribbon necklace

Crocheting is quick and simple, and because it is so decorative, its making a comeback and is a popular handicraft today. A lot of women are taking to this art. It is very adaptable and can be used in conjunction with many different fabrics and yarns. Crocheting with ribbons gives any outfit a mesmerising look. Known as a Trellis necklace
these crocheted ribbon necklaces can be dazzling when you choose your ribbon carefully. Some of them have shiny beads, glitter and have stones embedded, and the length of your necklace can be easily varied, simply by changing the amount of stitches you crochet. Crocheting with ribbons gives you these eye-catching gossamer-weight fabrics just the size you may require, and you can wear them in all kinds of weather too. Bright and practical, these ladder ribbon necklaces are just right for adding a jaunty look to any outfit, and you can make them in all sorts of colours to match your wardrobe.

Creativity and Crocheting with ribbons

UK Crochet Terms – For Beginners

Crochet Terms & Conversions

Crochet terms and patterns can be overwhelming and confusing when you are a novice. That’s why I’ve put together this list of basic crochet stitch terms, directional terms and definitions for beginners. UK Stitch Types:

1) Ch = Chain (The stitch that usually starts every pattern and forms the foundation for crocheting. It starts the chain of your project.)

2) Sl st = Slip stitch (Is used to join stitches together.)

3) Dc = Double crochet (The most fundamental and easiest stitch to master. It creates a tight, dense fabric.)

4) Htc = Half treble crochet (It falls in between a double crochet and a treble in height.)

5) Tr = Treble (It is twice as tall as a double crochet.)

6) Dtr = Double treble (It creates longer openings between the stitches and produces a very loose fabric.)

Ttr = Triple Treble (A tall stitch often used for lace work.) Now that we’ve covered the different types of stitches, the following is a list of common directional terms encountered in a basic crochet pattern:

1) Inc = Increase stitches

2) Dec = Decrease stitches

3) Turn = Turn your work (so you can work back for the next row)

4) Join = Join two stitches together

5) Rep = Repeat.

You may be a long way from creating Crochet bikinis, but these fundamental crochet terms will get you from beginner to expert in no time!

Crocheting for Dummies; Beginning to Crochet

Crocheting for dummies

I have been looking over the internet for more garland patterns, as I said last time I fancy making a few that I can maybe sell at school fetes etc, found a few I like especially an Easter egg one. Also got a couple of friends on board to help make them as we are raising money at our church for an upgrade to the old mini bus we use for trips – it really is falling to bits! I have also started some classes in an evening. I was thinking of calling it crocheting for dummies but it got pointed out that I was pinching the name from the “”……for dummies”” range of books. Do you know I had forgotten all about them. I had a look ’round online and found that there is a book by Wiley -oops! So I am going with the name Jamison’s Crocheting for Dummies. I am busy at the moment planning the sessions; not easy, as the ladies coming are all at different levels. I have decided to ask them all to watch a few videos before the first session and send out a list of what to bring, we have been really lucky in that a local wool shop has donated a huge bag of assorted wool so really for first night just need hooks and a plan! Has anyone run anything like this before -any advice?



Cupcake garland I made mine with sparkly wool looked lovely


I thought I would share with you this border I did before Christmas for a fete at the school. One of my little pleasures outside of crocheting is making and decorating cupcakes and I often sell them at school or church fetes. Making my stall look attractive I think brings people over, my taster plate ensures they buy! I wanted a border for around the edge and went looking in my favourite place, the internet, and look what I found, a garland of cupcakes. I found the instructions a little confusing at first but then as I started it all came together, really pleased with the results and certainly impressed with Twinkie Chan, her blog was a joy to read, lively, fun and motivating recommend you go take a look, I don’t think you will b disappointed. My other go to for patterns and inspiration is Moogly, where I found Twinkie Chan; it’s a great site with a lot of free patterns. I have also included a video shoing you how to crochet individual cupcakes, I actually sold all the ones I made… so planning to make more next time I do a fete. I was also considering making some garlands for next Christmas to sell, thinking something holly with berries maybe sticks of cinnamon. Quite like the idea of a project. Also what about a garland of colourful eggs for Easter? I think this is shaping up into a nice little project, anyone else think so or have some ideas for garlands?

mbed video

Lots of Ideas to Ensure the Cutest Babies

I’ve just discovered the most gorgeous thing to make which requires my most basic crocheting skills. Making baby gifts, but more specifically baby flip flops. Crochet baby sandals are the most perfect little gift to give any little ones you know. I found them totally irresistible and could just imagine some of the babies I know with their fat little feet in these baby sandals. There is no reason to go rushing out to buy a pattern either as the best thing about the Internet is that there is a lot of stuff which is free, like these baby sandals patterns. They are absolutely perfect for home and for the beach, and a baby won’t feel restricted wearing any of the different styles.

crochet flips flops

Crocheting for a baby is so addictive because in two ticks you can have these small items done and dusted. Whether you’re expecting yourself or you’ve got somebody else in mind, once you’ve done with the sandals, you’ll be inspired to go on to complete other baby crochet patterns such as adorable little hats for new-borns as well as booties and jackets in the cutest patterns and you’ll have loads of fun choosing the different colour yarns.

Crochet Jewelry

Crochet jewelry combining traditional crochet techniques with fashion jewelry
Crochet Jewelry

I have just downloaded a free e-book on crocheting jewelry that looks really interesting and I quite fancy using my skills to try something different from the usual items. Thought if they look good enough they would make nice presents for friends etc at Christmas. Notice the ‘download’. Yes I am getting more computer literate every day. Hubby bought me an iPad and it is great that I can carry it around with me. I have even got more into Pinterest and now when our group of ‘hookers’ gets together I can impress them with my computer skills. It really is useful for passing on patterns and going through some of the video tutorials together. This week it’s my turn to present something and I am going for, of course, crocheting jewelry. I rather fancy having a go making this necklace as well.

Crochet jewelry, a modern use for traditional crochet techniques
Isn’t this beautiful?

Thought I would also update you today about our current activities (the group of 5 hookers) have now completed two blankets, 7 hats and 4 pairs of gloves for the homeless shelter. We are feeling quite self-righteous about our achievement but it really is a good feeling knowing you are helping someone in need. We thoroughly intend to continue with this project.

We are also looking into doing some crochet items for the premature baby unit at our local hospital. I have a Danish friend who is involved with doing this in Denmark, apparently a well organised country-wide group.I am waiting for her to email me with information on it. I will update you here when I know more.

Happy crocheting