Never too Young for Good Scares

I have geeky tastes. At my age, most women worry about their health, hair and the fine lines and wrinkles we must hide. Instead of walking that beaten path, I want to join Cosplay girls to create great super heroine costumes or argue the fine points of long range transporting. Yes these are the conversations of younger people, but I hate feeling left out!

Weeping Angels are stone, when you see them.

Dr. Who is my favourite show. However, one episode rekindled a childhood fear that I thought I had put to rest. My fear of statues is back, in full force. I hide it well, but I the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up If I am alone and near a statue. If you are a Who fan, you can guess which monster I’m talking about. The Weeping Angels make museum visits chilling and, after heavy meals, they haunt my dreams. I will never be so old that a good story, with a great monster, won’t find a sweet spot, then dance up and down my spine.

So peaceful, but too scary!

My husband thought I was kidding, he missed the first Weeping Angels episode, but he changed his mind after seeing it. The wonderful result has been his new willingness to explore science fiction and fantasy with me. Now, I’ll record an episode and we’ll watch it together, dissecting the story telling techniques, analyzing the make up, wondering about the special effects, then indulging in the kind of far flung speculation that probably led to tablets and cell phones. We haven’t talked this much in years!

So, We are probably the oldest Whovians on our block, but our new togetherness is great. I am so glad the hubby has joined in. I need his reassuring company around the statues.