Christmas Shopping

During my childhood I couldn’t figure out why we gave gifts at Christmas. I understood the religious reasons behind the holiday, but I could not understand why adults were so upset by it. Since I felt that adults could do anything they wanted to, I thought they could also avoid the tasks they absolutely hated. After all, they could simply decide they were not going to shop like that, anymore. Of course, that was before the internet existed.

Chirstmas is much easier.


I feel very lucky, now. I can sit on my sofa, or in the bathtub, and shop on my laptop or smart phone. I can shop several shops at the same time, with tabbed browsers. Best of all, I can check my bank balance, daily, to avoid having to borrow too much from savings. If I need to dip into my credit,  I can control that burden, too.

Best of all, I have found shops that I didn’t know existed, and I can send exotic fruits or clothing made with exotic fabrics to my friends, then listen for their squeals of delight when they open their gifts on webcam!

Shopping for the holidays is so much easier, now. Come to think of it, so is being and adult!