Crochet and New Year Resolutions


Bulky yarn is less expensive than finer yarns.
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Well, we’re in the New Year with resolutions being made, then broken at break-neck speed. Friends have already regretted committing themselves to weeks of denial  and hard labor while more attainable goals, that missed becoming resolutions, languish. I’d point and laugh, but I’ve had my share of resolution failures and I understand these well intended hopes and dreams.

Without falling into the traditional resolution trap, my crochet circle of 5 habitual hookers has decided on a group effort. Since we have discussed volunteer opportunities, we’ll make items for local homeless shelters, youth hostels, and other organizations helping society’s less fortunate. This idea also helps us keep our yarn stashes under control while giving our finished items someplace to go! Since bulky yarns and quick projects seem trendy, finding suitable yarns should be easier than if we’d decided to crochet lace tablecloths or lady’s sweaters. Since hats and blankets are fairly straight forward, each contributor is limited only by their skill level or willingness to learn new stitches. Granny square lovers can add as many items as those preferring  intricate crochet stitches and complex techniques. The only rule is that each item must block cold air.

Of all resolutions, this agreement touches my heart the most. Helping others using our own crafting skills beats starvation dieting any day! If you have considered using your crochet skills to help others, the Knitting & Crochet Guild is a great place to look for the perfect opportunity.