The Beauty of Thread Crochet

Mercerized cotton crochet threads of different...
Mercerized cotton crochet threads of different sizes. From left to right: 3, 10, 20. The larger the number, the smaller the diameter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For years, I used yarn for my crochet projects. That is, until I got tired of using acrylic yarns and found that natural fibre yarns were a little too much for my budget. You see, I want to eventually sell crocheted accessories, and want my products to feel quite different from what a crochet lover might normally make for themselves. while pondering my dilemma, I remembered how much I love lace. Instead of focusing on yarns, I’m considering thread crochet.

I’m working with size 10 crochet thread, for now, but will also experiment with larger thread, gauges 3 and 5. With a little luck, and a lot of patience, I can create lacy hats, cafe curtains and fingerless gloves, to  start. I also have my eye on a beautiful Irish crochet pin cushion pattern. all I need is a satiny fabric, ground walnut shells and a little sand for the small pin sharpener I’ll attach after completing the pin cushion’s main body. If all goes well, the pin cushion can be my featured, premium piece. The beauty of using thread in my crochet projects? I can delay seeking a loan because I can find crochet thread in spools of 2,194m! I can crochet a hat without adding more yarn.

Hand made lace is a rare commodity, so table cloths and bedspreads, also made with thread instead of yarn, will probably have to wait. Sales will have to be pretty brisk to justify making such large projects, but I may advertise larger projects as special orders. Making one table cloth and one bedspread to use as examples is more reasonable than making 10, then hoping someone will buy 9 of them!