Crocheting a Popular and Useful Handicraft

I love crocheting – it is quick and simply but decorative. I’ve discovered that by using different fabrics and yarns, I can create borders and edgings for starters and these are great for enhancing boring items of clothing, Tops that have shrunk and become too short suddenly look interesting with with a crocheted border which gives it additional length too. For gifts I’ve made bedspreads,cushions and other home furnishings and delighted family and friends with these. Something else I’ve discovered is that the type of yarn you opt to use offers as much scope as the things you can make from it. Coarse wool for instance, can be made into wall hangings or rugs. The finest yarns I’ve discovered are great for making delicate table mats or even fascinating looking curtains.


I’m always wondering what bag to carry around and recently found a super, casual looking shoulder bag. Great for carrying all those things a girl insists she cannot be without. So easy, the entire bag can be made in a couple of evenings and you’ll want to take it with you everywhere.

Begin with Granny Squares

The easiest way to learn to crochet is to begin by making small,manageable shapes like granny squares. Practice a square first and make your first crochet project colourful and economical, and pretty soon you’ll be onto making