Crochet Jewelry

Crochet jewelry combining traditional crochet techniques with fashion jewelry
Crochet Jewelry

I have just downloaded a free e-book on crocheting jewelry that looks really interesting and I quite fancy using my skills to try something different from the usual items. Thought if they look good enough they would make nice presents for friends etc at Christmas. Notice the ‘download’. Yes I am getting more computer literate every day. Hubby bought me an iPad and it is great that I can carry it around with me. I have even got more into Pinterest and now when our group of ‘hookers’ gets together I can impress them with my computer skills. It really is useful for passing on patterns and going through some of the video tutorials together. This week it’s my turn to present something and I am going for, of course, crocheting jewelry. I rather fancy having a go making this necklace as well.

Crochet jewelry, a modern use for traditional crochet techniques
Isn’t this beautiful?

Thought I would also update you today about our current activities (the group of 5 hookers) have now completed two blankets, 7 hats and 4 pairs of gloves for the homeless shelter. We are feeling quite self-righteous about our achievement but it really is a good feeling knowing you are helping someone in need. We thoroughly intend to continue with this project.

We are also looking into doing some crochet items for the premature baby unit at our local hospital. I have a Danish friend who is involved with doing this in Denmark, apparently a well organised country-wide group.I am waiting for her to email me with information on it. I will update you here when I know more.

Happy crocheting