Cupcake garland I made mine with sparkly wool looked lovely


I thought I would share with you this border I did before Christmas for a fete at the school. One of my little pleasures outside of crocheting is making and decorating cupcakes and I often sell them at school or church fetes. Making my stall look attractive I think brings people over, my taster plate ensures they buy! I wanted a border for around the edge and went looking in my favourite place, the internet, and look what I found, a garland of cupcakes. I found the instructions a little confusing at first but then as I started it all came together, really pleased with the results and certainly impressed with Twinkie Chan, her blog was a joy to read, lively, fun and motivating recommend you go take a look, I don’t think you will b disappointed. My other go to for patterns and inspiration is Moogly, where I found Twinkie Chan; it’s a great site with a lot of free patterns. I have also included a video shoing you how to crochet individual cupcakes, I actually sold all the ones I made… so planning to make more next time I do a fete. I was also considering making some garlands for next Christmas to sell, thinking something holly with berries maybe sticks of cinnamon. Quite like the idea of a project. Also what about a garland of colourful eggs for Easter? I think this is shaping up into a nice little project, anyone else think so or have some ideas for garlands?

mbed video