Crocheting with ribbons – Ladder ribbon necklace

Crocheting is quick and simple, and because it is so decorative, its making a comeback and is a popular handicraft today. A lot of women are taking to this art. It is very adaptable and can be used in conjunction with many different fabrics and yarns. Crocheting with ribbons gives any outfit a mesmerising look. Known as a Trellis necklace
these crocheted ribbon necklaces can be dazzling when you choose your ribbon carefully. Some of them have shiny beads, glitter and have stones embedded, and the length of your necklace can be easily varied, simply by changing the amount of stitches you crochet. Crocheting with ribbons gives you these eye-catching gossamer-weight fabrics just the size you may require, and you can wear them in all kinds of weather too. Bright and practical, these ladder ribbon necklaces are just right for adding a jaunty look to any outfit, and you can make them in all sorts of colours to match your wardrobe.

Creativity and Crocheting with ribbons