Cupcake garland I made mine with sparkly wool looked lovely


I thought I would share with you this border I did before Christmas for a fete at the school. One of my little pleasures outside of crocheting is making and decorating cupcakes and I often sell them at school or church fetes. Making my stall look attractive I think brings people over, my taster plate ensures they buy! I wanted a border for around the edge and went looking in my favourite place, the internet, and look what I found, a garland of cupcakes. I found the instructions a little confusing at first but then as I started it all came together, really pleased with the results and certainly impressed with Twinkie Chan, her blog was a joy to read, lively, fun and motivating recommend you go take a look, I don’t think you will b disappointed. My other go to for patterns and inspiration is Moogly, where I found Twinkie Chan; it’s a great site with a lot of free patterns. I have also included a video shoing you how to crochet individual cupcakes, I actually sold all the ones I made… so planning to make more next time I do a fete. I was also considering making some garlands for next Christmas to sell, thinking something holly with berries maybe sticks of cinnamon. Quite like the idea of a project. Also what about a garland of colourful eggs for Easter? I think this is shaping up into a nice little project, anyone else think so or have some ideas for garlands?

mbed video


Lots of Ideas to Ensure the Cutest Babies

I’ve just discovered the most gorgeous thing to make which requires my most basic crocheting skills. Making baby gifts, but more specifically baby flip flops. Crochet baby sandals are the most perfect little gift to give any little ones you know. I found them totally irresistible and could just imagine some of the babies I know with their fat little feet in these baby sandals. There is no reason to go rushing out to buy a pattern either as the best thing about the Internet is that there is a lot of stuff which is free, like these baby sandals patterns. They are absolutely perfect for home and for the beach, and a baby won’t feel restricted wearing any of the different styles.

crochet flips flops

Crocheting for a baby is so addictive because in two ticks you can have these small items done and dusted. Whether you’re expecting yourself or you’ve got somebody else in mind, once you’ve done with the sandals, you’ll be inspired to go on to complete other baby crochet patterns such as adorable little hats for new-borns as well as booties and jackets in the cutest patterns and you’ll have loads of fun choosing the different colour yarns.

Fantasy books and Crochet Art



Just love this cover art for The Black Prism by Brent Weeks
Nice Cover Art!!!

As I have said before I have geeky tastes, when I have the time I love to read Fantasy novels. I like that they are a platform for strong female characters and as I love magic in all its forms this is an ideal way for me relax. Now I have an idea for a book, I have read about weaving spiders planning futures – The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop, fabulous author!  Then the use of magic as colour like in The Black Prism by Brent Weeks; another great author. Another story I like on paintings being magic and controlling destiny, The Barbed Coil by J.V. Jones, a book I can always re read! How about magic controlled by knitting or crochet? A fun idea or what, crochet is about crafting an item from nothing, turning yarn into something of worth, maybe could apply that in a story on magic.  Maybe I will join the writing side of Wattpad and have a go.

Pinterest Boards for everything you can think of and more besides

Something else I am getting ‘slightly’ addicted to is Pinterest; I have so many boards now and follow so many I cannot have a cup of coffee without having a look. My husband says I spend too much time on it but I blame him – he bought me the smart phone for my birthday!  Shouldn’t complain as he took out a loan to get it me, wasn’t that nice. Mind you the fact I was sending him links telling him this is what a loan application looks like might have influenced him! Could not let him get away with saying he couldn’t afford a smart phone for me now could I?

Staying with theme of fantasy, I have just made this dragon for my friend’s son and it was done in yellow, oranges and green, very bright but he loved it – mind you he is only 4 years old! I found this and some very interesting fantasy patterns on this blog

Pattern for a dragon from Very popular with my friends young children
A crochet dragon

Crocheting a Popular and Useful Handicraft

I love crocheting – it is quick and simply but decorative. I’ve discovered that by using different fabrics and yarns, I can create borders and edgings for starters and these are great for enhancing boring items of clothing, Tops that have shrunk and become too short suddenly look interesting with with a crocheted border which gives it additional length too. For gifts I’ve made bedspreads,cushions and other home furnishings and delighted family and friends with these. Something else I’ve discovered is that the type of yarn you opt to use offers as much scope as the things you can make from it. Coarse wool for instance, can be made into wall hangings or rugs. The finest yarns I’ve discovered are great for making delicate table mats or even fascinating looking curtains.


I’m always wondering what bag to carry around and recently found a super, casual looking shoulder bag. Great for carrying all those things a girl insists she cannot be without. So easy, the entire bag can be made in a couple of evenings and you’ll want to take it with you everywhere.

Begin with Granny Squares

The easiest way to learn to crochet is to begin by making small,manageable shapes like granny squares. Practice a square first and make your first crochet project colourful and economical, and pretty soon you’ll be onto making