Crocheting for Dummies; Beginning to Crochet

Crocheting for dummies

I have been looking over the internet for more garland patterns, as I said last time I fancy making a few that I can maybe sell at school fetes etc, found a few I like especially an Easter egg one. Also got a couple of friends on board to help make them as we are raising money at our church for an upgrade to the old mini bus we use for trips – it really is falling to bits! I have also started some classes in an evening. I was thinking of calling it crocheting for dummies but it got pointed out that I was pinching the name from the “”……for dummies”” range of books. Do you know I had forgotten all about them. I had a look ’round online and found that there is a book by Wiley -oops! So I am going with the name Jamison’s Crocheting for Dummies. I am busy at the moment planning the sessions; not easy, as the ladies coming are all at different levels. I have decided to ask them all to watch a few videos before the first session and send out a list of what to bring, we have been really lucky in that a local wool shop has donated a huge bag of assorted wool so really for first night just need hooks and a plan! Has anyone run anything like this before -any advice?