UK Crochet Terms – For Beginners

Crochet Terms & Conversions

Crochet terms and patterns can be overwhelming and confusing when you are a novice. That’s why I’ve put together this list of basic crochet stitch terms, directional terms and definitions for beginners. UK Stitch Types:

1) Ch = Chain (The stitch that usually starts every pattern and forms the foundation for crocheting. It starts the chain of your project.)

2) Sl st = Slip stitch (Is used to join stitches together.)

3) Dc = Double crochet (The most fundamental and easiest stitch to master. It creates a tight, dense fabric.)

4) Htc = Half treble crochet (It falls in between a double crochet and a treble in height.)

5) Tr = Treble (It is twice as tall as a double crochet.)

6) Dtr = Double treble (It creates longer openings between the stitches and produces a very loose fabric.)

Ttr = Triple Treble (A tall stitch often used for lace work.) Now that we’ve covered the different types of stitches, the following is a list of common directional terms encountered in a basic crochet pattern:

1) Inc = Increase stitches

2) Dec = Decrease stitches

3) Turn = Turn your work (so you can work back for the next row)

4) Join = Join two stitches together

5) Rep = Repeat.

You may be a long way from creating Crochet bikinis, but these fundamental crochet terms will get you from beginner to expert in no time!