Crochet nappy cover for environmental sustainability

As a parent, do you ever worry about the planet that your children will grow up to inherit? With pollution and waste filling the planet, environmental concerns can be a big concern for parents. One thing you can do to protect the environment is to use products that are made from natural materials. Most nappy covers are made from plastic, which comes from oil that will one day run out. In addition, not all types of plastic are recyclable, which means that plastic products can contribute to the problem of landfill. An environmental alternative to plastic nappy covers is a crochet nappy cover. Made from natural wool, a crochet nappy cover is a sustainable product that contains purely natural materials. It’s soft to the touch and looks beautiful, bringing a little brightness into even the most mundane day. Best of all, this kind of nappy cover is easy to make yourself at home. It’s better for you, better for your baby, and better for the planet, so why not give this natural alternative to plastic nappy covers a try?

A crochet nappy cover can protect the planet for your baby